With the holidays looming, here’s how we can support independent book traders too.

Why France says non to Amazon, and how we can support independent booksellers.
Paris, France — July 29, 2018: Entrance to the world-famous Shakespeare and Company bookstore in the Latin Quarter of Paris, France. Image source: Depositphotos.

We received the sad news last week, and we’re not alone in our loss.

One of Ireland’s favorite bookshops, Chapters, is closing down. Its owner, William Kinsella, attributes the move to “online” — possibly meaning Amazon —…

The confidence gender gap is for life unless we do something. Follow our five tips to help your daughter build it back up.

Girls lose confidence when they’re only eight.

My friend first brought my attention to this sad but all too common phenomenon.

She told me her niece, Lucy, at just gone nine, had been comparing herself to her pal. She felt her friend was not just more athletic and popular; she was also prettier.

Ruminating on their (imagined)…

The west doesn’t know best: no more power struggles with the Inuit guide to peaceful parenting.

Do You Want To Stop Shouting at Your Kids Try These Ancient Inuit Methods
Image by Depositphotos.com

Have you ever watched parents struggle with headstrong toddlers? It can be a sobering experience. As an innocent bystander, you can’t help but feel awful for the child while also wondering,

‘God, do I behave like that when I’m angry with my children?’

One time, before Covid, we sat at…

A deep dive reveals disturbing findings on teen wellbeing versus profit. Being Insta savvy is crucial, and here’s how to do it.

Image by Depositphotos.com

Kids grow up differently these days.

Take my cousin’s daughter, Indy. Just fourteen — she has been on Instagram for over two years. Her mother wasn’t happy when she joined, but ‘all her friends were on it.’ Having read scary headlines, my cousin was apprehensive at first, but soon she…

In a dwindling market is Big Tabacco trying to hook a new generation?

Have Tobacco Companies Found New Ways to Lure Young People?
Image by Depositphotos.com

Four months was all it took.

I was only fifteen, but I will never forget how quickly someone can deteriorate. Lung cancer tore through my grandad, emaciating him and reducing his stride to a shuffle. His breathing became labored, and even his ebullient voice had transformed into a whisper.


Christine Vann, MSc.

Writer, book nerd & owner of screen savvy parenting site Bumpsnbeyond.com​. Top writer in Parenting. Interests: consumer & cyberpsychology.

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